morgen - 'Sick of Me'

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After spending her early teenage years desperately seeking to find her place in a world that was mostly upside down, 18-year-old morgen is now fully embracing the chaos that accompanies the challenges of becoming an adult.

A member of the pandemic-era teenage generation, morgen's sweet sixteen years were full of lonely self-discovery, perfectly chronicled in her debut EP, 'Unaccompanied Minor'. Recently turning eighteen and moving out of her lockdown family home for the brave new independent world of LA life is overwhelming, to say the least - yet she's happier than she's ever been. As she says, “growing up is not as terrifying as people make it out to be, all you have to do is pretend you know what you're doing and you're halfway there.”

morgen has always leaned into the unconventional, favoring homeschooling over a traditional education and the local arts scene over her community’s affinity for sports. Living on the creative edge comes naturally, morgen states “I’ve just been that person my whole life always choosing music over everything I do.”

Growing up in a musical household, morgen was schooled in a healthy dose of iconic artists. The influence of artists like Led Zeppelin, Billie Holiday, Carole King, and Amy Winehouse permeated her upbringing. Barely a toddler, she began playing music, and by five years old, she was singing in her dad’s band. At six, she entered the realm of musical theater. Now, she’s a black belt who also teaches karate. And she hasn’t slowed down since.

The singer-songwriter’s first EP was supported by Spotify, Apple, Billboard, and more. Bouncy single ‘Fine By Me’ was on the Triple J most-played list for over 2 months, and hit the top 100 radio charts in Australia. Elton John shared both ‘Odd One Out’ and ‘3D’ on his Apple Music radio show, a moment morgen says “a spiritually enlightening experience – probably one of the greatest day moments of my life to date.”

And now, morgen’s gearing up to release her second EP with newfound confidence. ‘Sick of Me’ is a step into pop-rock, featuring guitar stacks and a tight drum kit, and this will all culminate in morgen’s energetic second EP, to be released with Avoca Drive/Sony Music Australia.

Sick of Me was written by morgen and Mike/Jordan of production duo The 87's in early 2022. On the track, morgen channels frustration with her own imperfections into a pop punk-inspired smash.

She explained, "'Sick of Me’ is about the exhaustion of just being a person, especially someone who’s constantly seeking validation and acceptance from others. I wrote it in the height of breaking up with a friend, which led to a lot of self-reflection and loathing."

"’Sick of Me’ is 100% teenage rage and self-loathing. I wrote this song whilst in the middle of breaking up with a friend, which left me feeling really vulnerable. I was so annoyed at myself for letting our friendship carry on the way it had been, and I hated who I was at the time. It was a really tense and heated time for me, but luckily I got one of my favorite songs out of it!"

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