NEAV - 'Say Goodbye'

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The wonderfully talented Central Coast artist NEAV returns today with a stirring and thought-provoking new single ‘Say Goodbye’.

A track that sees the young singer step into her own, 'Say Goodbye' delivers a commanding vocal performance, through which NEAV bravely confesses her innermost thoughts of moving on from her teenage years to adulthood. Emotive lyrically and sonically ‘Say Goodbye’ is a hypnotic and confessional piece reminiscent of her contemporaries Gretta Ray, Ayla and Vera Blue.

Blending her love of dramatic and cinematic pop overtones, ‘Say Goodbye’ is raw and introspective in all the best ways. For the single, NEAV has once again teamed up with Producer Tristan Barton on creating the insatiable rhythms and sonic textures that pepper the song. The track was produced and mastered at The Nest in Surry Hills.

Speaking openly about the single, NEAV explained, "Transitioning into adulthood has been as exciting as it has been terrifying. During my experience of shifting in every facet of my life I've encountered the strange and emotional, yet therapeutic process of letting go of your past self. Say Goodbye channels this experience of the fear of the unknown, grieving our past selves and the sense of hope we cling onto to get through it and progress into a new stage in life. I have found the song to represent my feelings deeply, expressing my internal monologues melodically, lyrically and even rhythmically.”

She continued, “I worked with the incredible Tristan Barton to create the song. We worked both online and in person to write the track. Tristan had an instrumental track that had the skeleton of the song and he sent me this. I immediately resonated with the music and got to work toplining, creating vocal melodies and lyrics. We then met in the Nest Studios in Sydney to record the vocals for the track. From there, we remotely worked together to finalize the production, revising it until we were both content with our creation.”

Eighteen year old NEAV (AKA Niamh Watson) is signed to Sydney indie label Double Drummer alongside Greta Stanley, Dominic Breen, Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird) and ORiGIN Music Publishing. Her burgeoning reputation as a live performer has seen her open for and share a stage with artists such as Greta Stanley, Bec Sandridge, The Moving Stills, Dan Sultan, Imogen Clark, Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird, Little Quirks, Elaskia and Molly Millington in well known venues across Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

NEAV will be releasing her debut EP 'Elegy' in early November 2022, collaborating with the likes of Mario Späte (Washington, Montaigne); Jess Dess (King Princess, Brockhampton); Rod McCormack (Paul Kelly, Gina Jeffreys); David Turley (Millie Turner); and Tristan Barton (Greta Stanley) to create her own brand of infused pop music.

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