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Nice Life - ‘Mexican Girl’

  • 2 min read

An undeniably vibrant artist whose music transcends culture boundaries, Nice Life has been carving out an impressive and wonderfully colourful style that bleeds across genres. Armed with a style that has been called “a perfect blend of an innovative take on Afropop, Kizomba & R&B vibes,” Nice Life has been building a musical universe for himself and the 72,000 monthly listeners who visit him on Spotify.

While celebrating the release of his new album ‘Colors of Life’, we stumbled upon one of Nice Life’s older singles titled ‘Mexican Girl’, an effervescent track that first surfaced in 2022. Delivering a fine fusion of Afropop sounds and sultry R&B melodics, the track has been slowly gaining ground over the years, building a following all across the globe. Released in collaboration with newcomer Sheny, it’s an undeniably catchy single that sticks with you for days.

Since the release of ‘Mexican Girl’, Nice Life has been going from strength to strength as an artist, releasing hit after hit, alongside two massive albums, last year’s ‘Legacy’, and this year’s ‘Colors Of Life’. Two titanic releases, they help showcase Nice Life’s talents perfectly, leaning on his stark creativity and colourful style to make a lasting impression.

Both albums are available now on all major digital streaming platforms, along with ‘Mexican Girl’, which also has a very eye-catching video to accompany it. Check it out below.

After first finding success with the release of his single ‘Tomala Um Cocktail’, Nice Life was approached by a producer to license synch his song in Netflix’s ‘Friendzone’, a 2021 movie starring Mickaël Lumière, Manon Azem, and Fadily Camara. After successfully partnering with UNXT, a division of Universal Music on Mabulu Bulu for his debut album ‘Legacy’, Nice Life has continued to grow as a musician, refining his sound of focusing and spreading his passion.

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