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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Laura Misch - 'Hide To Seek'

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As the countdown to her highly anticipated debut album 'Sample The Sky' nears its completion, Laura Misch continues to captivate, this week revealing the official music video for her latest single, ‘Hide To Seek’.

The British multidisciplinary artist and producer fuses her innate love and connection to nature and the world around her on ‘Hide To Seek’ – a love and dedication that listeners can hear explored beautifully throughout the entire Sample The Sky project.

With ‘Hide To Seek’, Misch incorporates gorgeous organic sound design, building upon her well-honed fusion of jazz and electronic elements. Collaborating with sound designer and composer James Bulley, ‘Hide To Seek’ features the only external sample heard on Sample The Sky; Bulley using geophones to record sound from inside trees, capturing what is described as “the internal conversation of the forest”.

For the ‘Hide To Seek’ music video, the themes and sound palette of the recorded material has been brought to life by Misch and director Saddiq Abubakar. Premiering via Nowness, the music video follows the artist as she explores a gorgeous forest landscape.

Saddiq spoke of the video, saying “After listening to Laura Misch’s music, I had a dream that she was ascending into the sky whilst playing the saxophone, and now it’s real. Which makes it more of a premonition than a dream I suppose. If my vision was actually a premonition then this music video is actually a psychic phenomenon, a dream that came true.”

Laura further added, "She’s searching for sound deep in the forest, listening inside trees, through flowing water, sampling the sky, between dreaming and waking, until she hears sound from within, a moment of elation, she breathes sound, rises and drifts away into the expanse.”

The release of ‘Hide To Seek’ follows on from the enigmatic single ‘Portals’, released earlier this year. Both tracks highlight the wider scope of 'Sample The Sky' – an album that marks a sonic departure from Misch’s more isolated, bedroom-produced EPs: 2017’s 'Playground' and 2019’s 'Lonely City'.

Working alongside collaborator and producer William Arcane on this project, Misch was able to flex an interest in electronic music that has become beautifully mixed into her already established talents and grasp on jazz and contemporary music. The title itself represents her journey so far; from studying biomedical sciences, through to developing her artistry as a career musician. 'Sample The Sky' - as a title - ties Misch’s journey from science to music, together with her vast range of musical influences.

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