nielle - ‘Falling’

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A blossoming artist who is blurring the lines between RnB and pop, nielle has recently shared her stunning debut single. Captivating listeners all across the world with the scintillating ‘Falling’, nielle’s debut single is a perfect encapsulation of her modern pop sound, offering a refreshing take on a timeless and relatable tale.

Finding joy in creating art and appreciating the simplest things in life, nielle is an artist driven by passion, emotion, and positivity, creating magic from simple chords and creative yearnings. Inspired by nature, she is quickly becoming a rising force in modern pop, stitching together original ideas with a powerful and wonderfully authentic style.

Released on the 20th of October this year, ‘Falling’ is a perfect pop single, forming a dark, seductive melody through waves of atmospheric notes and solitary, percussive beats. Deeply atmospheric, the instrumentals lay a stunning foundation for nielle’s vocals, drifting in and out of focus with a sultry refrain of ‘Falling for me’. As the song builds, the nielle creates an emotive weave of styles, creating an entrancing blend that lingers in your mind long after the track is finished.

A song about love, lust, and human connection, nielle spoke candidly with us about the single, explaining, “‘Falling’ was created on a cold January night, but our hearts felt very warm. There was a strong connection between a man and myself. I felt that he was falling in love with me while I was humming to a loop. The vibe was mysterious, sexy and relaxing all at the same time. Somehow it put us in a trance. The rest is history.”

Along with the release of the single, nielle has also shared a visualizer for the song, which is available below. Showing nielle in her elements, it’s a candid addition to the song that helps emphasise just how important this release is to her.

Available now on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music, ‘Falling’ offers a powerful glimpse into nielle’s creative world. Definitely an artist to watch moving forward, nielle’s debut is an impressive illustration of her talents, and we can’t wait to find out what else she has in store.

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