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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Any Girl - 'Too Far Gone'

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Off the back of previous singles ‘Into The Black’ and ‘Underachiever’ Perth’s emotive and fierce Any Girl, the moniker of  acclaimed Australian producer, singer-songwriter Reija Lee, has returned with her third single of 2023, titled ‘Too Far Gone’.

Driven by pulsating back-beat percussion and rhythm section, ‘Too Far Gone’ is another testament to Any Girl and her ability to compose music with a dynamic and modern quality, yet tinged with nostalgia. An undeniably raw and honest love song, ‘Too Far Gone’ celebrates jumping into love head first and dealing with the consequences later. Written from a headspace at the start of her current relationship, Any Girl looks back on her fearless emotional drive to commit to her current partner - with their now six years together evidence to that.

Recorded with Jesse Pattinson of prolific Australian band The Delta Riggs, ‘Too Far Gone’ started with a riff from his collection (the exact one heard in the introduction of the track) and built out from there. Influenced by Styalz, the “we are already too far gone” vocal throw was a nod to his songwriting strength. Featured throughout the track is a TR-606 drum machine, providing the drum loop and adding to the 80’s and 90’s sonic influences across ‘Too Far Gone’ For mixing, Any Girl teamed up with her brother and acclaimed producer ShockOne, with mastering handled by Simon Struthers (Something For Kate, Karnivool, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets).

Speaking of the single, Any Girl explained, "'Too Far Gone' is a love song in the purest sense - no fear, no boundaries, just jumping in head first and dealing with the consequences later! Haha. When I wrote this song I was in a really good place (which is often the hardest place for me to write from), so I decided to backtrack a little to when I first got together with my partner. We had a really tumultuous start to our relationship and due to a lot of external factors and terrible timing, he was kind of scared to fully commit or admit that it was an official 'relationship’ - you know the drill. I just thought about how head over heels I was in the beginning of our relationship, even though we had so many external things going against us - for some reason I had no fear and decided ‘I’m in this 100% - if I get my heart broken then so be it - I’ll survive - but I’d rather submit to love at it’s fullest extent and see what happens.’ I trusted my gut, and it must’ve been right - cause it’s now six years later and we are still together!”

“Jesse had a guitar riff that I absolutely loved as soon as I heard it - the one in the very intro of the song, and we rolled with it from there. The pitched down vocal line of ‘We are already too far gone’ was something I came up with because of previously working with Styalz - he hates leaving gaps in songs and is really good at finding clever ways to fill the gaps between melodic hooks - I felt like the track needed that, so we pitched my chorus vox down and threw it in. I still love it. I wanted to have this rolling, 80s/90s vibe so we got a drum loop going on a TR-606 drum machine and just kept writing over that. I knew I wanted a big, wide, dreamy chorus so we jam packed it with Juno synths and this Korg bell sound that I’m obsessed with and have used throughout my album. I love how the chorus just opens up super wide and makes you want to drive 100km an hour and sing along about how freakin’ in love you are.”

Flying down the highway with the wind in her hair, Any Girl has captured the music video for ‘Too Far Gone’ in a single take, alongside her partner Saxon Ames who co-directed the video. Capturing the primal instinct of the track, it reflects the imperfections and bumps in the road found in every relationship. The artist continued, “For me, Too Far Gone is beautiful in its simplicity - kind of like love. Even though relationships can sometimes be messy and confusing and complex, the feeling of being in love is really quite direct. Almost primal. You just know it and feel it. I wanted to capture that feeling of just pure instinct and following your heart no matter what - so a one shot video of me sticking my head out the window of a car speeding down a highway seemed to fit the bill. There’s bumps in the road, my hair flies in my face, my eyes get watery, but I never stop. Love doesn’t ever just stop - we are kind of at its mercy.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Too Far Gone’ Any Girl has partnered with Rusty Australia to present a single release show stacked with local West Australian talent. Taking to Indi Bar on Saturday, October 21st, Any Girl will headline a lineup alongside Joan & The Giants, Angie Colman, and Beach Bleach. Rusty Australia will be teaming up with Any Girl in the lead up to the evening, with a giveaway set to run.

With a pedigree that is nearly unmatched in Australia under the Reija Lee name, Any Girl has previously clocked up well over 40 million streams across DSP’s, with her breakout hit ‘Sweet Talk’ #1 on US Dance iTunes, and enjoying revered sync with Victoria’s Secret. Signing to Diplo’s Mad Decent label saw Reija Lee feature on EDM tracks from the likes of Zeds Dead, ShockOne, Paces, and Metrik, as well as being sampled by rap heavyweights such as T.I, OutKast’s Big Boi, and Trinidad James. Domestically, she previously enjoyed support from triple j with full rotation spots across numerous singles, as well as anointed a prestigious triple j Unearthed Listen Out winner. Well versed as a live artist, her performances at Sets On The Beach, BIGSOUND, Listen Out and supports with Crooked Colours, Kira Puru, and Luke Million only assisted in cementing her pedigree.

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