Oystersauce – ‘Join Together’

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A constantly evolving collective of artists brought together by a mutual love of adventurous, genre-defying music, Oystersauce first emerged during the 2021 lockdowns. Founded in the Netherlands, the group has expanded to include members from Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, infusing an international sound within their bold creative process.

With each contributor bringing their own unique set of experiences to the music, Oystersauce has a globally influenced sound unlike anything else, and it shines brilliantly throughout the debut single, ‘Join Together’. A heartfelt and wonderfully modern piece, the new single cuts through the silence with a vibrant groove, shaping itself around funky instrumentals, impassioned vocals, and a free-spirited style that offers something for everyone.

A single of stirring creative choices and sweeping, cosmic passages, ‘Join Together’ is sometimes heavy, frequently funky, and always engaging, demonstrating the talents of the musicians alongside a bold creative edge. Available now as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, ‘Join Together’ is a modern gem that cements Oystersauce as one of this year’s most endearing and promising new projects.

While their first single, ‘Join Together’ arrives as a massive statement of intent, delivering a harmonious sound that gets under your skin in all the best ways. Along with the release of the single, Oystersauce have also shared an engaging music video, which premiered early this year, and has already garnered over 28,000 streams.

Following their debut single, the collective intends to continue releasing new songs every few months, each one recorded with a different line-up while staying true to their core beliefs - the possibilities are infinite, and the world is your oyster.

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