OnnaDi – ‘Keep a Smile’

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After first appearing on American Idol, OnnaDi released her seminal single, ‘Keep a Smile’, in 2020 to showcase her unique vocals and even more distinctive sound. Now, she’s ready to step back into the spotlight, following that original cut with the release of her stellar new single, ‘Funny How’, available on August 19th this year.

A sun-kissed classic, OnnaDi’s seminal single, ‘Keep a Smile’ is a tropically inviting blend of pop, Afrobeat, soul, and RnB, one that cuts you to the quick and delivers a beautiful rhythmic pulse of smooth vibes, kicking percussion, and reverb-soaked synths. Setting an engaging and wonderfully amorous mood, every line in ‘Keep a Smile’ shines with intoxicating grooves and light RnB vocals which run shine throughout, crossing the track with light, flickering tones and some truly intoxicating vocals.

Of the single, OnnaDi explained, “’Keep a Smile’ is an upbeat song about a special someone who keeps you smiling and in a good mood. The inspiration for this jam comes from my joy and appreciation of love and positive vibes.”

Renowned for her playful street edge and elegant vocal range, OnnaDi has made plenty of waves in the industry after appearing on a compilation with Sean Price, performing with Wu-Tang and writing with Wyclef. An essential release for fans of Sade, Beyonce, Amel Larrieux, Erykah Badu and Sherine, you won’t want to miss ‘Keep a Smile’, which was recorded in Baltimore, produced by knwnb_beatz and mixed by Rob Murray.

While OnnaDi first released this summer afrobeat track back in 2020, it seems much more fitting now in the summer of 2022 and perfectly fits around her upcoming track, ‘Funny How’.

Positivity and joy certainly flow through the song and visuals and OnnaDi has such a special quality to her voice that easily puts the listeners at ease, especially on ‘Keep a Smile’. The summer anthem is available to download and stream right now on all major platforms and be sure to keep an eye out as OnnaDi drops her new single ‘Funny How’ later this month.

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