Platinum songwriter and artist Donna Lewis unveils new single 'The Mark'

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The new single from platinum songwriter and artist, Donna Lewis, 'The Mark' draws together a vortex of iridescent beats, dark and mysterious synths, and a euphoric vocal that electrifies the atmosphere. Swinging like a pendulum between a powerful chorus and intimate whispers, Lewis creates tension through contrasting sonic layers. Beneath Donna Lewis' transcendent vocals, 'The Mark' weaves slow moving undercurrents that cast a hypnotic spell over the listener, ultimately creating an unforgettable magnetic performance.

Donna confides on the release, "Before undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer, my body was mapped with four tattoos marking the exact spot where the radiologist would direct their beams. Mine were tiny, but my first tattoos ever! The anxiety leading up to the first session was overwhelming, and there were quite a few, 5 days a week for 5 weeks. But once I was on that treatment table, it transformed into my meditation time. With every deep breath in, holding the breath, and then the exhale, I became attuned to the red radiation lights, imagining them obliterating every speck of cancer dust in my body." 

Donna Lewis, a world renowned artist celebrated for her timeless love ballad, 'I Love You, Always Forever', was due to commemorate her hit song's 25th anniversary in 2021 when tragedy struck. Finding solace through music, a pivotal and transformative album was born, the upcoming 'Rooms with a View'.

The upcoming album ‘Rooms With A View’ is a collaboration between celebrated singer and songwriter Donna Lewis and renowned electronic artist and producer Holmes Ives. More than just an album though, the record documents Donna’s year long journey through breast cancer: “Cancer was the un-invited messenger, the dark dweller who I sought to banish with the love of my family, brilliant doctors and my art”.

In 2021 Donna Lewis was about to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of her breakthrough smash hit single ‘I Love You, Always Forever’ and her debut album, ‘Now In A Minute’ when a routine medical check up, (delayed by the pandemic), brought her the news that no-one ever wants to hear.

All plans in place to mark the anniversary, the tour dates, the live TV special, the remixes, were all put on hold to deal with more urgent matters. Donna then spent the next year or so undergoing treatment and surgery, all the while actively writing and recording, before finally late in 2022 she felt ready to prepare for releasing new music once again.

Donna had been introduced to the work of electronic artist and producer Holmes Ives in 2021 when he had created a reworking of a piano vocal track she had released called ‘I Told You So’. Since then she had always wanted to further collaborate with him so when it came time to get creative again she suggested they write maybe 2 or 3 tracks together as a potential release for the two of them. All done remotely, they have yet to meet in person, musical ideas were passed back and forth and Holmes worked up tracks for Donna to write lyrics to.

As Donna began the creative writing process, she soon realised that without any intent to do so, every set of lyrics going down on the page all represented a different chapter of what she had experienced over the preceding year. Some cryptically capture the trauma and the fear of the diagnosis and treatment while others were observational recollections of more mundane aspects, such as her favourite nurse or the different views from the various treatment rooms. What had been intended to be a four track EP now became an album as how the chapters of the story unfolded made it impossible to convey this momentous journey in anything less. 

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