Dancoes shares new video for ‘Defragment’

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An independent singer and songwriter whose sound straddles the line between contemporary indie-punk melodies and post-grunge aesthetics, Dancoes returned to music in 2015, writing and recording song that eventually became his debut album.

Fittingly titled ‘20’, the album followed a long hiatus for Dancoes, as the artist explained, “This personal/solo project started after a long hiatus from music and bands altogether. After having reunited with some ex-bandmates and friends, I found myself writing and composing again, but due to logistical challenges, I eventually learned to do everything entirely myself, from music to the recording.”

A personal journey through his life and inspirations, ‘20’ saw Dancoes exploring the full breadth of his punk rock background, letting his sound evolve and expand throughout. Taken from the album, ‘Defragment’ is a notable change in style for Dancoes, shifting away from his punk and DIY roots to deliver a cleaner, ambient sound that artfully explores dissonant aesthetics. Built around a single guitar loop that progresses throughout the song, ‘Defragment’ is a deceptively experimental song, with the lyrics purposefully out of order, and the cresting sounds backed by a lingering introspective energy.

Today, Dancoes has shared an official music video for ‘Defragment’, adding a new layer to the song, and further exploring the nature of the track. Speaking about the video, Dancoes shared, “The idea for the music video is based on a line in the song referencing an animal perched at the top of the building I used to live in. Recently, I installed a security camera in my house, and in reviewing the footage, I found it amusing to discover the overwhelming number and frequency of nocturnal animals inhabiting my backyard, and decided to create a video that portrays the repetition and routine mentioned in the lyrics, but through the eyes of these creatures.”

Available now, the video is a perfect continuation of the spirit behind ‘Defragment’ and the album as a whole. Personal, reflective, and yet wonderfully abstract, ‘Defragment’ remains one of Dancoes most captivating songs to date and the new video will see it finding a new and well-deserved audience.

For more from Dancoes, be sure to follow his social media pages below, and head to either Spotify or Apple Music where you can stream ‘20’ in full.

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