Psychobuildings – ‘House of Fame’

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Brooklyn-based and critically acclaimed, Psychobuildings have been building anticipation for their latest chillwave single for eight years now, shining a light on an atmospheric indie sound that is sure to impress. Taken from their up-coming studio album, ‘Blackout’, which is due to hit the shelves on the 16th of October this year, ‘House of Fame’ is a lavish and wonderfully textured new release that paints a portrait of stylised indie sounds and effortless ‘80s cool.

After receiving critical acclaim from publications such as Pitchfork, Stereogum, Fader, Spin and NME, and touring with notable acts like Blood Orange, Washed Out, Computer Magic, Small Black, and Picture Plane, Psychobuildings withdrew to write and record their next set of songs, anticipating a time to re-emerge and release them in the most impactful way. The result, is an album that perfectly encapsulates a period of reflection, influenced by the uncertainty of modern society and the possibility of rebirth to welcome ‘Blackout’.

Fusing vintage synths and eighties inspired drums with lyrical honesty, the new single documents the unease of modern society, breaking down our modern world and looking for the beauty within. Accompanied by a stellar music video that we’re proud to premiere.

Of the video, frontman and central songwriter, Peter LaBier said, ”The new Psychobuildings music video, ‘House of Fame’, directed by Canadian based artist Alex McLeod takes viewers on a fantastical and bizarre animated journey into a realm of shiny objects and tentacle like forms pulsing with animacy. With our current climate of widespread uncertainty, that time has come with Blackout an expression of the collective struggles we have been facing. A blackout can include both darkness and loss, but there remains some space for reflection and the album was written to emphasize the spirit of the complexity between this association."

“’Blackout’ is a documentation and expression of the suffering and struggles we have been facing collectively and in our own lives individually. A blackout, be it on a personal level or national level, contains darkness and even potentially loss – but there is also room for reflection and ecstatic transcendence. This album, ‘Blackout’, was written to embody the spirit of the complexity of those associations. It is in some sense a response to the moment in a topical sense— the unrest in the country that has been simmering to a crescendo – and an exploration of the unknown within our personal lives and in the world at large due to the pandemic. Despite the gravity of the moment this record is not without joy and revelation – as our collective descent into the unknown may entail the opportunity for renewal, transformation and change.”

With anticipation building, it’s clear already that ‘Blackout’ is set to be something special. Tune in to ‘House of Fame’ above and be sure to follow Psychobuildings below so you don’t miss the release of ‘Blackout’ on October 16th.

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