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Daimo – ‘Locked In’

  • 2 min read

It’s hard to imagine a more powerful or prolific rapper right now than that of the DMV area’s own Daimo. A talented rapper and musician, Daimo has risen from Washington’s underground scene with a dedication that is unparalleled in contemporary hip-hop, overcoming a life on the streets and behind bars to be reborn behind the mic. While releases like ‘Freedbando’ and ‘Daimo Wit A Dracoo’ set the standard and began his legacy, it’s his latest releases that are really making moves around the globe. Now, Daimo has kicked things up a notch, releasing his most instantly impressive and uncompromising release to date, ‘Locked In’.

An exclusive release that surfaced alongside a brilliantly stylised new video, ‘Locked In’ has become a runaway anthem for Daimo, perfectly capturing his hard-hitting rap style and authentic hip-hop spirit. A modern trap anthem, the new single was produced by Figurezmadeit and glides into the public consciousness, breaking boundaries between genres and pushing to become something bigger than one solitary genre.

With a sweetly spun and neatly auto-tuned sounds, ‘Locked In’ arrives with a swift stream of savvy beats and electric influences, laying down an indelible foundation for his vocals. Lyrically, Daimo strikes hard and fast, offering up heavy streams of melodic flow that narrate the track and offer slices of his life and struggles. Addressing the daily grind and will to break free, the single is a sharp reflection of the soul and about wanting to escape the life and times we lock ourselves in. It’s an uncompromising and unapologetic release, one that takes stock and looks for something more.

When listening to ‘Locked In’, it’s the authenticity and relatability of the track that makes it shine. Through all the polished production and sharp musical nuances, it’s the realness of the track that demands respect and makes it great. Forged through hardship and built to last, ‘Locked In’ holds firm to an iconic sound and an unbeatable creative force, perfectly outlining the strengths and abilities that Daimo will undoubtedly build a legacy on.

You can stream ‘Locked In’ above alongside its music video via YouTube, and be sure to check out Daimo on Spotify to catch up with his expansive and ever-growing discography, including his debut album ‘Freebando’, the brilliant three-track EP of ‘Daimo Wit A Dracoo’, and his latest string of hit singles.

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