Raketa – ‘Trust Tha Lessons’

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An enigmatic new talent who describes himself as an “independent artist comin’ straight out of Antarctica”, Raketa has become a growing fixture of the underground rap scene. Leading a new style of hip-hop into the mainstream, Raketa and his growing empire of Entropic Industries have been making waves for the past few years, laying the foundation for a powerful legacy.

One of his most ambitious and instantly recognisable releases so far, ‘Trust Tha Lessons’ launched in the closing days of 2021, and since then has gone on to reach 8,600 listeners on Spotify alone. Taken from his breakthrough debut album, ‘2 Thermo’, the new single is a powerful exploration of Raketa’s alt-rap sound, delivering a fine maelstrom of beats, bars, and off-kilter anthemics.

A bold and instantly recognisable release, ‘Trust Tha Lessons’ cuts through the tempered veneer and superficial bullshit of the mainstream, delivering a heavy dose of hard-earned truths and home-grown wisdom. Lyrically, the track pulls no punches, hitting hard with every line, while the beats and lowkey melodies drive it along with a relentless energy and no lack of confidence.

Speaking about the new single and the accompanying music video, Raketa took to Instagram saying, “Consida this a reminda to eat ya spinach ya freaks. A colourful, acid-soaked video featuring twisted scenes from old Popeye cartoons, it’s an engaging experience made all the more impressive. Check it out below via YouTube.

A unique talent who is well in control of his creative future, Raketa has shown his skills in perfect form, delivering a slew of impressive and innovative hip-hop releases that you can stream today on his Spotify page below.

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