Bad Money – ‘Older (Acoustic)’

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A talented alt-pop band Birmingham, UK, Bad Money have quickly become one of our favourite new acts, and their new acoustic version of fan-favourite ‘Older’ is a perfect example as to why. Originally released last year to critical acclaim, the original version was a joyous indie-pop anthem that shone with funky riffs, new-wave synths and plenty of sultry saxophone sounds that soared past 50,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Now, the four-piece band of Ben Williams, Jacob Jenkins, Kieran Smith and Tommy Francis are back in fine form, releasing a very special acoustic version that is sure to get under your skin. After working hard to self-produce their first collection of material, Bad Money has become one of 2022’s most hotly anticipated new bands, combining their catchy melodies, soaring vocals, and alt-pop sensibilities to steer the course of modern music.

For their new version of the favourite single, the band have been able to carefully rework the vibrant alt-pop anthem into a heartfelt and intoxicating new piece, complete with an authentic music video that premiered on YouTube in the closing days of December.

Speaking about the band, Andrew Marston of BBC Music said, "Bad Money is a band who are on top of their game; a sure-fire contender for being one of my artists of the year”, and we couldn’t agree more. Their new acoustic single has quickly become a favourite around our offices, earning spots on our annual Spotify and YouTube playlists.

Arguably the band’s finest moment so far, the acoustic version of ‘Older’ is a brilliant new addition to Bad Money’s musical resume, offering a more nuanced and textured side to their innovative alt-pop sound. Available now on most major platforms, it’s a raw and honest release just waiting to be discovered by mainstream listeners.

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