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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Rosalie James’ Delivers A Raw And Introspective Narrative With Latest Single 'Girl I Was'

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Over the last few weeks, Rosalie James’ latest single, 'Girl I Was', has struck a poignant chord with listeners, delivering a raw and introspective narrative that resonates with emotional depth. The song opens with the candid admission, "When I first met you, I didn’t like you…", setting the stage for a journey through past relationships and personal growth.

From the opening moments, Rosalie’s emotive vocals and honest delivery are enchanting, while her lyrics hit with a direct, yet poetic quality. Drawing comparisons to iconic artists like Kate Bush, Sharleen Spiteri of Texas, and Chantal Kreviazuk, Rosalie possesses a unique vocal sound that lends an emotional resonance to her music, echoing iconic artists, while staying true to her own powerful style.

Produced by Daniel Knowles, renowned for his collaborations with Sharon Van Etten, 'Girl I Was' serves as a poignant reflection of Rosalie’s own experiences navigating the complexities of a toxic relationship. Filled with cinematic lyricism and raw emotion, the track offers a glimpse into her forthcoming album, 'Full of Chemicals', while simultaneously showcasing her resilience and strength

Rosalie’s journey towards self-discovery and acceptance has been marked by challenges, including sensory sensitivities and emotional struggles dating back to her childhood. Following a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder in January 2023, she found empowerment in embracing her authentic self - a journey reflected in the vulnerability and authenticity of her music.

Reflecting on her experiences, Rosalie muses, “I waited a long time to focus on my music career because I doubted my strength, given everything I am. But recently I’ve wondered whether what I thought were limitations were actually the reasons why I have to do this. Maybe feeling too much is actually feeling exactly the right amount when you’re trying to make something meaningful. Anyway, I can’t stop now.”

For Rosalie James, music transcends mere entertainment - it serves as a lifeline, a medium through which she navigates the complexities of human emotion and experience. In 'Girl I Was', listeners are invited to join her on a poignant journey of reflection and redemption, where vulnerability becomes a source of strength and authenticity reigns supreme.

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