Ryan Wright's 'Quarter Life Crisis' Video, A Bubble Grunge Anthem for the Fear of Growing Up

Ryan Wright, the Virginia-based singer, songwriter, and producer known for her "ethereal voice singing angsty lyrics over confectionary synth-driven hooks", has released a new music video for her latest single, 'Quarter Life Crisis'. This track marks a bold departure from her previous sound, embracing a bubble grunge aesthetic with punky production and a sharp, raw edge.

Heavily influenced by female artists like Mitski, Momma, Veruca Salt, and Blondshell, 'Quarter Life Crisis' melds the grunge production of the 90s with the female-led energy of bubblegum pop. Wright describes the song as "the very essence of what it feels like to be in your early 20s to mid-thirties," capturing the fear of adulthood and the longing for a carefree youth.

"The song nurtures the very real feelings of the fear of becoming an adult and falling further and further away from youth," Wright confides. "It has a bit of longing that still clings to the urge to act young and dumb like you did as a teenager, but you’re stuck in your twenties feeling like your life is maturing way faster than you are."

'Quarter Life Crisis' is a powerful anthem for anyone grappling with the trials and tribulations of ageing. It's the lead single from Wright's upcoming EP, due this summer, which promises to delve deeper into themes of conflicted feelings and the desire for both security and drama.

"All of the lyrics are about conflicted feelings of wanting the good but hoping for the worst at the same time," Wright explains. "Wanting to feel secure in your relationships and in yourself, but also craving the drama and the downfalls; the trials and tribulations of a narcissist.

With its raw energy, relatable lyrics, and genre-bending sound, 'Quarter Life Crisis' is poised to resonate with listeners across the age spectrum. It's a bold, honest exploration of the anxieties and complexities of growing up, set to an infectious bubble grunge beat.

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