Brooklyn’s rlyblonde Unveils Visually Rich New Video for 'Dumb Blonde'

Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen, known by her stage name rlyblonde, has released the highly anticipated music video for her latest single, 'Dumb Blonde'. Produced and directed by Allen herself under her new production company, HOT CREATIVE, the video is a testament to her commitment to creating a rich, immersive visual world that complements her music.

Fans of rlyblonde’s previous work will find the 'Dumb Blonde' video particularly rewarding, as it is peppered with easter eggs and nods to her past projects. Eagle-eyed viewers can spot familiar outfits from older videos repurposed as props, alongside callbacks to earlier releases. The video’s narrative cleverly blurs the line between fantasy and reality, offering a unique viewing experience that invites multiple replays to catch all the hidden details.

“Directing and producing my own videos is such an integral part of making music for me,” Allen explains. “I’m not just writing songs, I’m building an entire visual world for people to escape into.” This holistic approach to her artistry is evident throughout her work, blending her skills as a photographer, videographer, and creative director to create a cohesive and engaging artistic vision.

rlyblonde’s rise began in earnest with the 2023 release of her debut EP, ‘Fantasy,’ which marked her transition from behind the scenes as a creative force for New York’s indie acts to the forefront as a DIY rock sensation. The EP was accompanied by five self-directed and produced music videos, showcasing her multifaceted talent and earning praise from influential outlets like The Luna Collective and Unpublished Magazine.

Collaborating with renowned producer and multi-instrumentalist Robbie Guariglia, who has worked with The Veronicas and Oh Honey, rlyblonde is poised to embark on a new chapter in her musical journey. The 'Dumb Blonde' single and its captivating video signal her continuing evolution as an artist, blending her DIY ethos with polished production and innovative storytelling.

As rlyblonde continues to build her visual and musical repertoire, her dedication to creating an immersive experience for her audience remains at the forefront of her work. With 'Dumb Blonde', she reaffirms her position as a compelling voice in the indie music scene, offering a vibrant escape into her ever-expanding creative world.

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