Sasha March - 'Can I Call'

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Sasha March is utterly captivating as she returns with new introspective single ‘Can I Call’, a shimmering cut that revels in spacious harmonies, Sasha’s lyrical prowess, striking songwriting and honey coated melodies that all combine to make for a truly powerful listen. 

An introspective exploration of the fine line between comfort and destruction due to the powerful pull of someone else, 'Can I Call' can be both a love song and a frustrated lamentation depending on your circumstance. This is Sasha’s lyrical power, the ability to simultaneously explore two opposing experiences, seamlessly. Her strong, yet contemplative vocals will disarm you right from the opening hook.

Speaking of the new track, Sasha explained, “'Can I Call' could be a dark place or a kind of comfort depending where you’re at. It could be a love song, or a place where you fight yourself as the super hero and the villain. But there’s always hope that there’ll be someone or something to sober you and ground you again before the next round.”

Sasha’s vocals arabesque around a luxe-electro beat crafted by Sydney producer Tristan Jvmes. A slow-burn bloom of pulsing synthes, layered with sharp pop influences guide the track through a grooving four minutes. Listeners will be reminded of front runners Vera Blue, Cxloe, King Princess, and Lorde.

Speaking of the journey of the song from idea to fruition, Sasha says “I left it aside for ages and then eventually took it to Sydney Producer Tristan Jvmes last year. Tristan built up a bunch of ideas sonically and each time his production developed, I’d do another vocal take. This was a fun process which went on for a few months until we found together what the song meant and eventually I did a vocal take I was happy with. We lost count of the different versions, but landed on the final loved one and sent it off to be mastered by Harvey O’Sullivan at Studio 301 in Sydney."

The accompanying music video is a visual representation of the layered slow burn pulsing synths and spacious harmonies you hear in the track. Directed and produced by AJM (Aaron J March), the result is an introspective Sasha, part super hero who navigates the complexities of the emotions in a captivating video.

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