Eliza & The Delusionals - 'Give You Everything'

With the countdown to their much anticipated debut album 'Now And Then' now officially on, Eliza & The Delusionals have returned, serving up a brand new music video for their insatiable track ‘Give You Everything’.

Bringing things back to high school and leaning into the nostalgia of an iconic kids show served as the inspiration for the ‘Give You Everything’ music video; expertly delivered by Eliza & The Delusionals and filmmaker Nick Maguire.

Filming took place at Kingscliff High School, the alma mater of both Eliza Klatt and Kurt Skuse, with Maguire directing, bringing the band’s teen dreams to life. Inspired by the classic show Lizzie McGuire, the ‘Give You Everything’ music video was shot on 16mm film and featured hand drawn animation to really channel the Lizzie McGuire vibes.

“I remember literally the day we finished demoing the first idea of 'Give You Everything' after the writing session, Kurt had started talking about ideas for the music video that we would do one day. Fast forward to 2021, and he had come up with the idea of doing a 'high school daydream' with animated versions of us inspired by Lizzie McGuire, which was one of our favourite shows when we were younger. Funnily enough, we were able to use one of the hallways and classrooms at my old high school." Eliza of the band explained.

"The video was shot entirely on film, which was something we've always wanted to do, and directed by Nick Maguire who we thought was the perfect person to bring the idea to life. I remember when we saw the first sketches of us as Lizzie McGuire characters created by Jackulson and we lost our minds. We thought it was so cool. This is definitely our favourite video to date, we're super proud of it.”

‘Give You Everything’, written across sessions in Los Angeles with award winning songwriters Sarah Aarons (Zedd, Childish Gambino) and John Hill (Cage The Elephant, Lykke Li) and back home in Australia, is a stellar cut from Now And Then. It represents the strength of the Eliza & The Delusionals dynamic - both as a band and between Eliza and Kurt as songwriters.

With mere months to go until Now And Then is revealed in its entirety, the hype surrounding Eliza & The Delusionals resumes; it’s not just the music fans and the band are anticipating with excitement.

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