Satin Cali - 'Nirvana and Cheap Groceries'

Wollongong’s Satin Cali continue to blaze their own trail through 2023, punching back in to deliver another surefire favourite, ‘Nirvana and Cheap Groceries’.

The new single from the group, following on from strong releases in ‘Hit The Wall’ and ‘Lights Out’ earlier this year, is another step forward for Satin Cali in establishing themselves as one of the East Coast’s most formidable fresh names in indie-rock. Powered by Zac Goluch’s impactful vocals that match up excellently against primo indie instrumentation courtesy of Isaac Flaherty (guitar), Elijah Fresco (bass), Daniel Devlin (drums) and Jordon Costello (guitar), ‘Nirvana and Cheap Groceries’ delights in sinking into memories of better, easier times gone by. 

‘Nirvana and Cheap Groceries’ chases the feeling we had when life was less dominated by likes and clout; a feeling of comfort and carefree abandon that only really existed before the pressures of adult life came knocking. The band explained, “The song ‘Nirvana and Cheap Groceries’ serves as both a nostalgic ode to the ‘90s and a resounding critique of the 21st century. It encapsulates the struggles we face today while evoking a sense of longing for the simpler pleasures we once took for granted during that remarkable decade. In a world that was meant to foster global connectivity, we find ourselves paradoxically more isolated and socially divided. The very institutions and governments that preach trust and togetherness have left us feeling betrayed and misguided."

"Despite having a wealth of information at our fingertips, we often find ourselves questioning the authenticity of the answers we encounter. It's as if the sheer volume of knowledge available leaves us yearning for genuine and trustworthy insights."

"The poignant lyric, 'Where did it all go wrong?' effectively captures the essence of these sentiments. It encompasses our collective nostalgia for the good old days and our shared bewilderment at how we managed to tarnish them so profoundly."

'Nirvana and Cheap Groceries' stand as an anthem for those who believe that society has regressed significantly, with the world seemingly engineered to benefit only the privileged few. It resonates with anyone who pines for the blissful ignorance of the past and perceives the contemporary world as a disingenuous mechanism designed to corrupt our everyday lives.

Recorded at Sydney’s Def Wolf Studios, with producer and engineer Daniel Antix (The Dead Love, Pist Idiots) and Andrew Edgson (Matt Corby, Tia Gostelow) at Studios 301 on mastering.

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