Burning Satan - ‘Truth N Love’

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A unique and idealistic artist who arrived on our musical radar much by chance, Burning Satan is an old soul with a story unlike any other. Shunning modern music and streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, Burning Satan stands firm as a man steered by his beliefs, telling his tale and searching for truth through music. Recently, the anonymous artist has shared two albums from his years as a singer and songwriter, with the first being the rustic and ruminative ‘Truth N Love’.

Inspired by artists like Tom MacDonald, Struggle Jennings and Caitlynne Curtis, and Billy Falcon, who Burning Satan has celebrated for spreading their truth through song, ‘Truth N Love’ arrives as an album of passion and belief, one where music meets meaning, and every song shares a new self-realised truth.

When we spoke with Burning Satan about his journey, he shared an engaging story, “My leg was killed by a doctor in May 2020 and I was forced to live on the second lowest income the government of Canada offers which is called disability. I decided to fight my way out of it by doing the only thing I really know how to do which is music and bring TRUTH and perhaps some levity using the only real skill that I have which is songwriting.”

It’s this story and ethos that makes the album so engaging, detailing a life lived through hardship and struggle. Opening with ‘Every Man And Woman’, the album delivers a familiar grunge sound, one that is easily reminiscent of the early 90’s. It’s an expressive sound filled with heavy guitar chords and searing percussion, but unlike the peak grunge era, the lyrics are more freely optimistic, with Burning Satan calling out that “we will be alright”.

From there, Burning Satan continues to build on his rustic sound, layering acoustic textures on ‘Mad Mad World’, politically charged lyrics in ‘Alive’, and a chorus of emotive passages throughout ‘Where Is The Love’ and ‘Anything More Beautiful’. While holding firm to his ‘90s rock roots, Burning Satan is able to explore a variety of subtle shades, touching on his world beliefs and truths, while also keeping his music as accessible as possible. In the latter half of the album, songs like ‘What’s It Gonna Take’ and ‘Too Many Sheep’ explore more modern sounds, while also expressing a more bohemian mindset, expressing that “rules are only worlds on a page” and pushing for change. Elsewhere, Burning Satan touches on more poignant and poetic ground with ‘On My Knees’ and ‘Turning White’, before he brings it home in ‘Never Surrender’, a barbed rock piece that sees Burning Satan asking us all to wake up to the world’s illusions. Speaking of the track on his website, the artist remarked, “[its] an empowering anthem questioning the world’s illusions. We race on a spinning ball, yet some claim power and deceive. Wake up! Stand strong against injustice, pedophiles, and the greedy elite. Let’s unite, never surrender, and reclaim our truth. Together, we’ll stop the lies and create a brighter world. Don’t give up, this has to stop!”

Citing his experiences with censorship, control, and the mainstream media, along with a desire to spread love, and tear down ‘the Freemason Luciferian agenda', the album is a whirlwind introduction to the anonymous artist and his world truths. Withone goal in mind, to spread truth and love, Burning Satan creates powerful songs that take aim at the modern world, pushing to awake minds and uncover hidden truths. Cut from sounds of yesteryear, it’s an album that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but does begin to perfect it, stitching together driving nostalgic sounds with a bold voice for all those truth seekers and lost listeners looking for some sense of enlightenment.

Recently, Burning Satan has been working hard on his own website, creating a space where his music can be found, purchased, and appreciated. You can find the website below, along with his current social media pages, where Burning Satan posts new releases and hard-earned lessons from his life.

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