Sibéri – ‘Festin de Padang’

A soulful and wonderfully talented artist from the South of France, Sibéri is arguably one of the most unique and intriguing talents ever to have graced our website. Now based in Berlin, Sibéri has developed a delicate and entrancing chill-pop sound that is as expansive as it is rousing, creating a multi-faceted and unparalleled style that is perfectly encapsulated in his seminal new release, ‘Festin de Padang’.

Part of a stunning six-track EP that was released by Sibéri in June of this year, ‘Festin de Padang’ has evolved to become a complete audio-visual experience, one that was made during a road trip through the winding roads and forgotten trails of Indonesia.

Brimming with sounds and atmospheres recorded during his travels, ‘Festin de Padang’ is an unfolding poem, one that flows effortlessly through the composition and embodies the mystical energy of discovery. Speaking openly about the single and its accompanying video, Sibéri explained, “Couple years ago I went on a trip through Indonesia and came back with memories, songs and... videos! Here's one put together by Cédric Marcellin for the song 'Festin de Padang'. Hope you'll like it and if you have any questions on the trip, Indonesia, the music, the filming, or the editing, feel free to comment to ask me directly. Very happy to share this with you all!

A gorgeous glimpse into the full EP, 'Festin de Padang' is available now on all major platforms, as well as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist, where it stands firm amongst a medley of other incredible releases.

A truly original talent, Sibéri’s new music perfectly reflects the changing scenery and sounds of Indonesia, blending traditional Indonesian Gamelan music with his pop songwriting and electronic production techniques to create a listening experience like no other.

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