Spiny Norman – ‘Catch The Sun’

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Named after an imaginary hedgehog from a Monty Python sketch, Spiny Norman is here to bring wild imagination back to indie rock. Pushing a sound that they’ve described as “modern pop music with a retro touch”, the band have become firm fixtures of the independent scene, lashing out with a fierce stream of releases that perfectly illustrate their varied repertoire, complex compositions, refined rhythms, and sharp, moving melodies.

A band that has mastered the ‘easy listening, easy dancing’ vibes, Spiny Norman’s style is alt-pop with a defiant twist, offering something new, fresh, and exciting with every single release. After making their mark recently with the release of landmark single ‘Left Lane’, the band are back with a boundary-pushing, trance-inducing, new cut and we couldn’t wait to shine the spotlight upon it.

Titled ‘Catch The Sun’, the new single sees the four-piece of Ike, Sander, Sebastian, and Aron on fine form, laying down a complex indie anthem that shines with a maelstrom of far-flung influences. A ‘true travellers anthem’, the song is all about leaving the familiar and embracing adventure, as the band explained, “The verses describe the indeterminate feeling on arrival of destination. On the one hand, you are satisfied that you are there, but you are tired of the journey, do not know anyone there, and you don’t speak the language. You are acclimatizing and at the same time anticipating what is to come. Beneath the verses is a relaxed groove with subtle summer guitar licks that seem to test the water. The choruses, on the other hand, are an exuberant hymn to travelling, in which the feeling of freedom is emphasised.”

The band continued, “When travelling, you can leave the rut and straitjacket of everyday life behind for a while and dive into the local culture without inhibitions. The ending is introduced by an exotic instrumental part, with first an anticipatory jazzy solo and then an energetic driving riff. All this builds up to the final liberating chorus, like the promise of a balmy summer evening, being fulfilled by an endless night to remember.”

Released alongside a stellar animated video, ‘Catch The Sun’ is available now.

For more from Spiny Norman, make sure you check out the band on Spotify where you can find their stellar back-catalogue and don’t forget to lend your support by following them on their social media pages below!

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