Slayyyter - 'Erotic Electronic'

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Self-made pop artist Slayyyter has released her third single, 'Erotic Electronic,' off of her upcoming second studio album, 'STARFUCKER', out everywhere on Friday September 22nd via FADER label.

'Erotic Electronic' is a bold, sensual club anthem that invites listeners to venture further into the world of 'STARFUCKER'. Monotone whispers of “erotic electronic” and bouncing synth beats are complemented by her sultry voice murmuring, “I wanna have some fun.” Directed by Kaitlyn Muro and co-directed by Slayyyter, the accompanying music video shows a night in the life of Slayyyter’s album character, complete with a scandalous jaunt along Hollywood Boulevard. Altogether, 'Erotic Electronic' is one of Slayyyter’s most ambitious singles to date.  

“I wanted this song to capture a different side of this album,” says Slayyyter. “My music has always been super sexual thematically but this song feels like a more mature, more cinematic take on that. I was inspired by the electronic music I heard in all the clubs while I was touring in Europe last year, which shaped this one sonically. It has a dark 90s sex club element to it.”

'Erotic Electronic' follows the album’s prior singles, 'Out Of Time' and 'Miss Belladonna'. On the former, Slayyyter couples her in-your-face production and club beats with business professional realness. Shadowed by upbeat instrumentals, the lyrics reveal the dark reality of the tribulations of trying to “make it” in entertainment. Meanwhile, 'Miss Belladonna' is an empowering, synth-driven track that introduces fans to Slayyyter’s album persona. Combining an abundance of layered instrumentals with impressive vocals and production, 'Miss Belladonna' is over-the-top in the best way - exactly how she wants it.

Slayyyter’s second full-length release, 'STARFUCKER', sees her delving deeper into her pop stardom with an extravagant Los Angeles starlet persona. The 12-track album is centered around themes of fame, sex, femme fatales, and celebrity obsession in Hollywood. Slayyyter shares, “This album is meant to feel like a pop dream sequence about losing love and chasing fame.” The electrifying production of the concept album is set to elevate her status as a rising pop trailblazer.

With over 300 million global streams, an 800 thousand social following, and 25 million YouTube views, Slayyyter, who recently just wrapped up a tour with Tove Lo, is launching headfirst into 2023. Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Slayyyter worshipped pop culture ​​from afar, a devout acolyte of such top 40 stalwarts as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. After dropping out of college, she began to record music as Slayyyter, a pseudonym from her favourite Dazed and Confused character. Following the release of her debut LP 'Troubled Paradise', 'STARFUCKER' marks a new and evolved stage for the singer.

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