Songs for Sabotage set the standard for their upcoming sophomore album with ‘Fortress’

A vibrant and undeniable musical duo, Lina Sophie and Richey Rose, better known as Songs for Sabotage, took last by storm with their glistening electro-pop gem ‘Pills‘. Now, the pair are backed, offering another gorgeous glimpse of their highly anticipated sophomore album through new single ‘Fortress’.

A track that carves out a more sonically charged soundscape, ‘Fortress’ is an introspective single inspired by the likes of Beach House and Depeche Mode. Backed by synth-heavy sounds and a lavish, dream-like quality, it’s a single that draws you in and holds you firm, delving into deep and through-provoking lines that contrast the glistening instrumentals.

Speaking openly about the single in their press release, Songs for Sabotage shared, “It’s about boxing yourself in with your insecurities despite all the potential you might have. Our generation grew up with a lot of coddling… often being told we were gifted and destined to change the future. As it turns out, the world is a wicked place and the powers-that-be have always had us in a stranglehold - especially when it comes to how we’re expected to function in society.”

The band continued, “The fortress in our song is a metaphor for hiding away from the world. It’s written from the perspective of the loner, the hermit… the one who decides to remove themself from the equation, even though they might’ve been the brightest in the room at some point. Eventually the facade crumbles and you are left with nothing. The subject matter is meant to be realistic and therefore mildly depressing - it’s a feeling many of us are familiar with.  In true Songs for Sabotage fashion, we have packaged it as the quintessential sad pop song… dark yet danceable.”

With sophomore album ‘Clean Trauma’ set for release on the 28th of February this year, there has never been a better time to get acquainted with Songs for Sabotage, and ‘Fortress’ is arguably the perfect introduction. Clad in quintessential ‘sad pop song’ vibes, the new single is perfectly backed by the music video from photographer Rick Perez and videographer Logan Maclachlan.

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