Stephen Jacques – ‘Symphony of Freaks’

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An alternative rock artist who has been drawing praise from fans and critics across the globe, Stephen Jacques is arguably one of the most expressive and understated artists of his generation. With a sound that is effortlessly enjoyable and undeniably authentic, Stephen has been hailed as a “genuine pop perfectionist.”

After delivering the heartfelt ‘Send Them Love’ earlier this year, Stephen has continued to impress, capturing a timeless sound that shines with hopeful melodies and simple, calling tones. Today, Stephen has announced another single that is sure to carry on his musical legacy, with the intriguingly titled ‘Symphony of Freaks’ set for release on the 3rd of June this year.

Poised to be one of Stephen’s most enchanting releases to date, ‘Symphony of Freaks’ carries on from the poetic sounds of his previous single, offering an original take on some well-worn sounds. Wonderfully paced and filled with undeniable passion, the single is the latest to be taken from his upcoming album, showcasing a new side to his sound that will have you enraptured.

Available from the 3rd of June, the new single can be heard now exclusively on YouTube where its streaming alongside the official music video. Tune in below.

A wonderful piece that deserves to be heard, ‘Symphony of Freaks’ is the second in a series of singles that Stephen will be releasing in support of the new album. Makes sure you check out the single above and follow Stephen on his social media pages below, so you never miss a release.

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