Acoustic Foxx - 'Glimmer'

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Melbourne's own Acoustic Foxx has just released his brand new single 'Glimmer', and it's absolutely stunning. An edgy indie rock anthem that sees the talented musician continuing his pursuit of grungy-rock tones, its everything we've come to expect from the indie artist, but with a new acoustic twist.

Offering a unique blend of genres and sensibilities, Acoustic Foxx has a knack for capturing emotional intimacy and undertones in his song writing. Writing new cuts that evolve into a soothing escape from the world, Acoustic Foxx has made his name through dark acoustic and indie folk sounds, taking inspiration from Seattle’s 90’s grunge movement and delivered in a very George Harrison way.

It took a while for Acoustic Foxx to create his new single, letting it sit and evolve over the past twelve months. In that time, it allowed him the space to rearrange certain elements of the track, and when he finally returned to it, it became something truly special.

The song speaks to the concept that we all view each other differently. Most of us consider ourselves in a heavily negative light as we allow our insecurities to take hold of our image of ourselves. Acoustic Foxx makes the point within ‘Glimmer’s’ lyrics that how we view ourselves is different from how we view others.

Ultimately, this song is about the artist trying to figure out how to move past these image fears into just learning how to embrace each day and all the advantages that come with it.

As Acoustic Foxx explained, “This song touches on something a lot of us experience during our lives that we don’t feel good enough in our own eyes, or those around us. Definitely something I’ve experienced throughout my life many times. Keeping your head up and building yourself up to take a chance because each day is a fresh start and even if it doesn’t work out, at least we tried.”

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