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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Stephon Foster – ‘Purple Sky’ & ‘Love Adrenaline’

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If you’re a fan of contemporary RnB, then you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the name Stephon Foster. A stunning talent who has spent the last five years displaying her talents, strength, passion, and vibrant pop sensibilities, Stephon has become a constant fixture on our pages ever since the release of her comeback record ‘Beware’ back in 2019. Since then, Stephon has been captivating audiences and critics the world over, showcasing her emotive mix of contemporary RnB and heartfelt soul, and championing her steady resurgence of timeless sounds and modern energy.

With 2021 now well underway, it’s wonderful to have Stephon back in the spotlight, and she’s doing it was not one, but two incredible new singles. Titled ‘Love Adrenaline’ and ‘Purple Sky’, the new songs are a massive next step in her comeback, building on the sounds that made ‘Beware’ so impressive and relatable.

Speaking candidly about her return and plans for a new album, Stephon explained; “Since my last album my Mom passed away and I was in an eight-month relationship that ended very badly. I lost myself as a person and became an alcoholic as if I wasn’t sad enough for losing my best friend AKA my Mom. But I lost another best friend, a lover, someone who I thought would be there no matter what, that without them you feel like nothing, I had to revive myself and that’s where this new album came into play, I had to find myself and get back to the music.”

“I lost everything y’all. I didn’t even get to keep the house that my mom left for me after her passing. I had greedy brothers that wanted to take all and take everything, but I’m still standing here. I want to let others know to not give up and that’s where the song ‘Purple Sky’ comes into play, it’s really about finding the light in your life. The lyrics say “look to the sun” for a reason. It’s about overcoming all the battles, and setbacks in life. I had never written something so personal about me.”

Arguably one of her finest and more ensnaring songs to date, ‘Purple Sky’ is a brave call-to-arms for anyone who has lost it all but kept on fighting.

Alongside ‘Purple Sky’, we’re also incredibly proud to premiere ‘Love Adrenaline’, a sharp, pop-inspired love song that hits like a firecracker, stacking joyous melodies with bold lead vocals to create one of Stephone’s most instantly recognisable sounds. Building on the emotive quality of ‘Purple Sky’, 'Love Adrenaline' is perfectly produced, featuring some sharp lyrics, and low whistle notes that kick in around the chorus, carrying a unique harmony that heightens every aspect of the song.

Writing from her own perspective, ‘Love Adrenaline’ is another personal triumph for Stephon, and even after just one listen, you’ll be instantly hooked. As with ‘Purple Sky’, Stephone spoke openly about the inspiration behind ‘Love Adrenaline’, stating, “I had to stack the harmonies and made them strong and tight with bold lead vocals because isn’t that how love is? Not just a typical love song, not just an average love song but love from my experience, that’s love adrenaline.”

Arguably two of her strongest releases since her comeback, ‘Purple Sky’ and ‘Love Adrenaline’ are perfect illustrations of her power and artistry, proving that Stephon is not only one of the finest RnB artists of our generation, but also one of the strongest women in the industry today. You can stream both singles exclusively above, and sure to follow Stephone on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud today for the official release of both singles.

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