Alaskan Rhino – ‘Concentrate (Extended Mix)’

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With 2021 in full swing, music has reached a unique point in time, a point where everything is possible and anyone with some talent, spirit, and determination can make their mark. As the lines between genres blur and the gaps between a headliner and underground upstart narrows, a new style of the artist are starting to make waves, building a new wave of sound and redefining what it means to be an artist. Armed with anonymity and a blossoming creative streak, Alaskan Rhino is an artist at the forefront of this slow-burning revolution, and while his name might not be known around the globe just yet, his style, sound, and sensibilities epitomise the essence of the modern era.

A multi-talented producer from Alaska, Alaskan Rhino is making music that is driven by a desire to push the envelope, going beyond the ordinary and igniting emotions with a fresh and exciting new sound. Born Ryan Phelan, but better known by his creative moniker, Alaskan Rhino explores a vast array of influences, piecing together elements of genres and other artists to create his cosmic, experimental sound. More than just a music lover, Alaskan Rhino has also spent his time as a world traveller, moving from city to city and absorbing new cultures and sounds throughout Asia and Europe as well as the Middle East.

The culmination of all these experiences, Alaskan Rhino’s sound has emerged as an enjoyable, easy-going adventure, one that is infused with positive energy and built to inspire. Immersive, engaging, and filled with feelings of elation and happiness, it’s a magical experience that you have to hear to believe.

The perfect example of his unique style, the extended mix of ‘Concentrate’ brings you into a deep state of focus, mapping out a melodic journey that pitches and rolls with a calm, evolving sound. While based within the modern EDM genre, the single offers so much more, shifting between vibrant, cascading beats, lavish synths, and dynamic, rock-inspired sound to create one of the most expressive songs that you’ll hear this year.

Complete with a new video that matches the expansive sound with some equally intoxicating visuals, ‘Concentrate’ is perfect proof of Alaskan Rhino’s talents.

In his own words, Alaskan Rhino gave us a glimpse into the future of his work, building on the foundation set by ‘Concentrate’, “Listening to music made all over the world inspired me to use so many different types of instruments that will really be showcased in my upcoming music. I will be even bringing in the didgeridoo into some upcoming songs.”

You can tune into ‘Concentrate’ above and be sure to follow Alaskan Rhino on his social media pages below, so you never miss a new release.

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