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SuperNiRO – ‘Shit That I Do (Omri Anghel Remix)’

  • 2 min read

A brilliant and unmistakable performer, SuperNiRO is back and ready to empower, stimulate, and liberate his audiences. A Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer and performance artist who uses upbeat lyrics, danceable grooves, and sparkling melodies, to create a brilliant pop sound, SuperNiRO has become a modern icon for his energetic live performances that champion sexual freedom and emotional, thought-provoking subjects.

After initially making his mark with the release of his debut single ‘One Passion’ in 2014, SuperNiRO took his time before embarking on a new era but now that it’s here, there’s absolutely no way it can be denied. Titled ‘Shit That I Do’, and sporting some wonderfully eyebrow-raising cover art, the new single is a perfect encapsulation of who SuperNiRO is as a performer.

Described as a “slice of slick disco-pop”, the new cut is a powerhouse of vibrant dance anthemics and unassailable pop sheen. Featuring Brooklyn rapper SaintAhmad, ‘Shit That I Do’ hits with a bold, brilliant energy that will take you over in an instant. This stunning lead single is a delicious first taste of SuperNiRO’s upcoming debut EP, dropping later this year.

While the single has already been making waves online for a few months now, it’s the remix by Omri Anghel that has caught our attention today, sparking a new wave of interest that refuses to go unnoticed. Adding his own artistic spin to the track, Omri has elevated the track into a whole new experience, capitalising on the hybrid disco-house sound and pushing every moment to the absolute limit. As with the original version, there is an equally vivid new music video for the remix, which you can find now on YouTube.

Coming from a background as a professional musical theatre performer, SuperNiRO has been reborn as a music-maker and passionate producer. Drawing on influences from dance-electro-pop to funk to glam rock, his music aims to give back to the queer community by empowering people to free themselves from their limitations and create a deeper sense of love, peace, and respect among the global human family.

Along with the release on YouTube, ‘Shit That I Do’ is also available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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