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TAELA - 'Unforgivable'

  • 2 min read

TAELA returns with 'Unforgivable', released today by Young Forever/Capitol Records. Known for her unfiltered lyricism and heartfelt melodies, TAELA's new track is an introspective journey into the complexities of toxic relationships.

'Unforgivable' is one of two new tracks released on her album that dropped today, which consists of twelve other tracks that TAELA has meticulously crafted and released over the past year; garnering over 22 million streams/views on Spotify and YouTube.

Co-written with JP Saxe, the heart-wrenching lyrics of 'Unforgivable' delve into the concept of a trauma bond – a deep and often destructive attachment to a toxic relationship. TAELA reveals, "I wrote “Unforgivable” about being so deeply attached to a toxic relationship that it would take your partner doing something completely unforgivable for you to leave. Having a trauma bond is the worst type of addiction. I heard someone say it’s worse than being addicted to drugs or alcohol because drugs and alcohol can’t text or call you begging for you to come back. As someone who's been trauma bonded before, I was super inspired to write about what it feels like to have this attachment."

TAELA's raw and unfiltered approach to songwriting shines through in 'Unforgivable'. She fearlessly lays bare her experiences, sharing the painful and uncomfortable truths that come with toxic relationships. Despite the discomfort, TAELA's music offers a healing opportunity for those who can relate to her lyrics.

“I thought about the things my ex did to get me to hate them enough to leave and said ‘fuck it, I’m gonna just lay it all out there’ and when I started teasing the song online I was amazed by how many people resonated with the lyrics. I think it can be uncomfortable for some people to listen to but really healing for whoever needs to hear it” she shares passionately.

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