TAWO – ‘North East Breeze’

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A German musician and producer with a penchant for blending a seemingly endless stream of genres into one unique style, TAWO is arguably one of the brightest talents that this year has to offer. After first making his mark with a string of impressive singles such as ‘Famara’ and ‘Waves of Nostalgia’ with Lemongrassmusic, TAWO has now taken the bold step of releasing his first truly independent release.

The first taste of his newfound freedom, ‘North East Breeze’ is a modern chill-pop anthem filled with the freeing power of love. Shining with subtle elements of downtempo pop, lo-fi rock, and more exploratory electro-jazz sounds, the song is a gorgeous and heartfelt release that draws you in and holds you close throughout its run.

Speaking about the song on its release, it was described as a “symbiosis of different genres”, a dynamic melting pot of styles that shone with free, creative energy and produced that typical TAWO sound. Produced in his home studio, a tiny basement room, where TAWO finds freedom in sound, instruments, and notes, ‘North East Breeze’ is arguably his most liberating song so far.

Alongside the new release, TAWO has also shared an impressive music video, which sees scenes from nature spliced with kaleidoscopic visuals to create an organic and wonderfully engaging listening experience.

The first single from TAWO’s upcoming EP ‘Elements’, ‘North East Breeze’ is a gorgeous release that speaks right to the heart and soul of every listener, and if TAWO can continue to harness that sound, he’ll be one of the most expressive and well-loved artists in the chill-pop scene.

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