The Deenys - 'Last Minute Winner'

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The Deenys are back with punchy, electrifying single ‘Last Minute Winner’. Residing in Perth but hailing from the UK, the sonic force to be reckoned with shares a sound that is both raw and refined, edgy and melodic.

Their addictive sound has been compared to some of the most iconic bands coming out of Australia, such as DMA’s, Skeggs, and Hockey Dad. With aural influences pulled from the addictive grunge-tinged gloom of UK acts, their slightly fuzzed-out vocals herald the sonic strength of powerhouses like The Strokes, The Vaccines, and The Wombats.

The lyrics of ‘Last Minute Winner’ were co-written by bassist Shane Harris and vocalist Drewe McAllister. They share the story of a young, shy man who has fallen in love with the popular girl who is loved and adored by all. The Deenys' music has always been about relatability, and this track is no exception. A common scenario rife with emotion, it delivers a raw and honest portrayal of the human experience and will resonate with any who listen. 

Speaking of the new cut, the band added, “The style of the song is very early 2000’s indie with the loud guitars and punching drum beat with our vocalist Drewe McAllister’s melody displaying a story telling sound which gives the audience a chance to expand their imagination and picture what the young shy male is experiencing.”

‘Last Minute Winner’ was recorded and mixed in Sydney with Dylan Adams (DMA’s, Skeggs, Inspired Unemployed Podcast), who lends his wealth of experience to create the perfect pairing.

The Deenys continued, “When we knew we were going to be recording the single in Sydney with Dylan Adams, we were all excited to get into the studio and work with him - which should really go unsaid once you see the quality he’s previously produced. From being into the studio to the final mix, Dylan absolutely smashed the production side of this single. He definitely got the sound that we were all envisioning.”

The Deenys have diligently carved out a dedicated fan base as they play on stages across the country. Performing at notable festival Hurry Away Festival they have also shared the stage playing supports for The Charlatans ‘A Head Full of Ideas 32nd Anniversary Tour,’ Ride ‘Nowhere’ 30th Anniversary Tour, Old Mervs WA 2022 and 2023 Australia Tours and most recently DICE’s ‘Heat Waves’ tour on the Bunbury leg. Looking forward they will also be supporting Inspirial Carpets in July at Rosemount Hotel when the band travel over from the UK.

With over 60,000 streams across all songs and coverage from popular media outlets like Music Feeds, Pilerats, RAGE and Soccer AM (UK), it’s clear The Deenys cycle of success is in full swing.

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