Whysoserious? - 'Uff'

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An enigmatic German producer who recently made his mark with the release of his cataclysmic techno debut, Whysoserious? is well on his way to becoming one of this year's most exciting new talents.

Today, Whysoserious? is back in the spotlight thanks to the release of his latest original single, a sharp hybrid sound that is simply titled 'Uff'. Speaking about the single and the new direction in his style, Whysoserious? told us, "The Song is a mix of Techno and Rap, way more energetic than the first release. It has, compared to the first Release, whole lyrics. Its a dark, very energetic vibe."

Part of his ambitious project to release a new single each month, 'Uff', arrives as a brilliant blend of techno and rap, capturing a more energetic sound than on his debut that works well to showcase the young producer's multifaceted style and talents.

Armed with a talent for sculpting lavish electronic melodies, the twenty-five-year-old producer has been carefully refining his sound for years, stitching together elements of his local scene with international sounds that perfectly capture the modern techno movement. Born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany, Whysoserious? is ready for the universal stage, delivering a debut that simply demands to be heard.

Speaking earlier when his debut single dropped, Whysoserious? added, “My inspiration comes clearly from the techno genre, but I also listen to a lot of rap music. For the upcoming period, I will release a song every month on all platforms, I have now worked for months and prepared. My music will be faster and harder in the future, [it] will go more in the direction of techno.”

Available now, the new single delivers an impressive hybrid sound that is simply unmatched within the techno movement. The single arrives alongside a matching video, that can you watch above. You can also stream 'Uff' on Spotify, where it is quickly becoming a firm favourite among fans and critics alike.

Definitely, a talent to watch, Whysoserious? has his sights set on becoming an international name through his music and new releases, as he explained, “Along the way I will try to increase my reach on social media. My goal is to become a producer and DJ in my genre.”

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