The Guv – ‘December in Istanbul’

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A wonderfully unique singer-songwriter with a talent for crafter modern folk anthems, The Guv’s sound is one filled with passion, honesty, free creative spirit. Leading London’s blossoming indie scene with fast-paced acoustic rhythms, long-shifting melodies, and deeply personal narratives that will resonate with each and every listener, The Guv has become one of the underground’s most recognisable musical forces, and it’s all thanks to songs like ‘December In Istanbul’.

Arguably his most captivating single to date, ‘December In Istanbul’ walks that fine line between vulnerable, poetic, and fiercely optimistic. Shifting between resolution and quietly hopefulness, the single is a rolling wave of textured keys and lingering notes, building a fragile musical foundation from which The Guv can deliver his poignant lines.

With distinctive vocals and honest, expressive sound, The Guv takes centre stage, weaving his timeless narrative through the notes and creating a defiant space where he can express himself. Lyrically, he shifts from poetic prose to more interpersonal connections, delivering lines like “without your smile no place to hide from reality / when the winter comes, no snow but many ghosts from your past” with an effortless sense of self.

Available now alongside the official music video, and as part of our annual Spotify playlist, ‘December In Istanbul’ proves that The Guv is more than just your everyday musician, he’s a storyteller, capturing a moment with heart, honesty, and charm.

Along with the release of his latest single, The Guv’s growing back-catalogue is filled with beautifully poised singles that hold to a timeless, rustic sound. An artist not to be missed, you can find all of The Guv’s music on Spotify now, including the critically acclaimed ‘If I Kill My Darlings’, which features some gorgeous, delicate strings and a softly cinematic vibe.

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