The Mummy Cats – ‘Wolverine’

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One of modern rock’s great new bands, The Mummy Cats were founded in 2018 after frontman James Cox found a dead and mummified cat in his friend’s basement. From this simple and sufficiently morbid tale, The Mummy Cats found their feet, with James moving back to his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and enlisting the talents of guitarist Morgan Liveoak via Craigslist. Fast-forward a few years, and The Mummy Cats have well and truly made their mark on the local scene, selling out a string of venues and releasing an absolutely titanic debut single.

Filled with power, ferocity and an undeniable rock sound, ‘Wolverine’ perfectly encapsulates the band’s diverse sound, capitalising on gritty rock ‘n’ roll that blends seamlessly with darker, alt-rock vibes. A unique piece filled with post-rock atmospherics and plenty of indie charm, the band’s debut single is an utterly thrilling release, one that hits in waves and delivers a dark cacophony of sounds.

A powerful display of the potential The Mummy Cats have as a band, ‘Wolverine’ is a chaotic illustration of their style and sound, crossing borders and creating an unassailable wall of sound. Build on a defiant punk spirit that discharges perfectly in James’ heavy, gripping vocals, the power and passion in the track is undeniable, arriving as a wholesome, yet thrilling sonic experience. Stitching together raw, gritty instrumentals with a deft combination of moods and feelings, The Mummy Cats have perfectly added weight and tension to the piece, heightening the anthemic nature of the track and ensuring it’ll leave a mark on anyone who hears it.

Alongside the new track, the band have also revealed the official lyric video for ‘Wolverine’, adding another layer to The Mummy Cats legend. Check it out below via YouTube.

Arguably one of the finest rock debuts you’ll hear this year, ‘Wolverine’ takes the heavy, brash sounds of bands like Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age, and twists it into a fresh, cataclysmic style that you won’t soon forget.

Check out the debut single above, or head on over to our annual Spotify playlist where it’s streaming now alongside a host of other great tracks.

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