The Plane Sailors - 'Bell Curve'

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Armed with a fresh, frank and cheeky new single, The Plane Sailors' ‘Bell Curve’ carries undeniably catchy melodies throughout the two minutes, thirteen seconds of emo-inspired-indie-rock. The band’s introspective lyricism pairs with indie-influenced instrumentation, reminiscent of The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys & Ball Park Music, to provide a captivatingly motivational tune that beams a light on the good within the glum.

Recorded in singer Curtis Hooper's bedroom, before moving to complete the session in bassist James Glenleft’s critically acclaimed spare room, the recording process was a period of growth and development for the band, within itself. A labour of love (with sprinkles of frustration), that ultimately resulted in a track the band could be immensely proud of.

Joseph Floyd of the band explained, “You’re likely gonna have to do a lot more for yourself in the studio than you think. Whether it’s adding in the extra layers, redoing your mate’s part for them that they hastily punched in on their lunch break, or spending time alone because the others forgot to show up to press the record button for you; it’s all worth it in the end.”

Accompanying ‘Bell Curve’ is a music video that became more than the sum of its parts. The band’s first time collaborating together with a new lineup, it was a chance to build the support for the incredible friendship and connection that continues to drive the band forward today. The video portrays the dichotomy of life inside singer Curtis Hooper’s head, an exaggerated version of reality surrounding him.

Filmed by Brisbane emerging filmmaker Isaac Brandon, ‘Bell Curve’ was a wacky experience for the all involved, with Isaac directing the band to become comfortable with their weird side, embracing impulsivity and shenanigans.

Casey Ritchie shared, “I had no idea what the music video really was so throughout the shoot I just kept hearing all these whack things like Glen being told to “ride the giant Curtis worm,” and it just got weirder as we went. Very confusing. 9/10 experience.”

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