Tokyo Blazin’ – ‘Jenny’

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A Tokyo-based reggae rock band formed in 2016, Tokyo Blazin’ have been carving out their own unique and wonderfully vibrant path through the music scene. Built from a talented roster of seasoned studio musicians who share a passion for playing feel-good reggae, rock, ska, calypso, and Latin grooves, the band have become a global sensation, and their new single proves exactly why.

Titled ‘Jenny’, the new single shines with lyrical optimism and vocal brightness, establishing the band a whirlwind of bold sounds and incandescent vibes. Guided by a singular passion for music in all of its forms, ‘Jenny’ hits with an upbeat score and an undeniable sense of unity, closeness, and endless possibilities. Musically, the single is arguably one of Tokyo Blazin’s strongest releases to date, and it stands tall with a sharp groove that carries unstoppable energy, strong good-time vibes, and a catchy melody that combines to create a perfect summertime anthem.

Inspired by bands and artists such as Sublime, Bruno Mars, Rebelution, Soja, Bob Marley, Harry Belafonte, and Twenty-one Pilots, the new cut features the band’s signature catchy hooks and sing-along lyrics, making it an instant summertime classic.

Alongside the release of the new single, the band have also shared an equally vibrant music video, which you view below via YouTube. The video, which was pieced together by the talented Yoshikazu Nagasawa and Marcellus Nealy Videography, sees the band doing what they do best on location in Zushi/Hayama as well as in Miyakojima, Okinawa.

Along with ‘Jenny’, the band have also shared their new four-track EP, ‘Phoenix Rising’, which is available now on all major platforms. For more from the band, be sure to check out their social media pages below, along with the new cut which is featured on our annual Spotify playlist.

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