Tom Tikka and Nolen Chew Jr. collaborate on the sunshine anthem 'California Smile'

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In a brilliant fusion of musical talent, Tom Tikka and Nolen Chew Jr. have joined forces to create the vibrant Americana release, 'California Smile'. A song that effortlessly brings the warmth and rejuvenation of Spring, 'California Smile' is a heartfelt collaboration that sees both Tom and Nolen delivering a powerhouse release about "finding love in the Golden State."

Far from being just another country-pop cut, 'California Smile' balances style and substance perfectly, delivering catchy melodies and a steady dose of hard-earned wisdom without compromising the positive vibe. It's a refreshing single that navigates the complexities of life while maintaining an uplifting musical experience, showcasing relatable lyrics and pop sensibilities masterfully.

The music behind the single is perfectly placed to elevate its message, seamlessly blending that old-school pop aesthetic with dynamic guitar work and Tom's timeless rock vocals. Exuding an infectious energy that is impossible to resist, the straightforward yet effective drumming anchors the upbeat tempo, adding a layer of physicality to the arrangement that will carry you away.

Lyrically, 'California Smile' is confessional and heartfelt, with both artists exploring personal and relatable moments. Together, Tom and Nolen have created a song that really has it all, from the honest lyrics and captivating vocals to great guitars, strong lead vocals, and soaring harmonies.

Accompanied by a visually captivating music video, which you can stream above, 'California Smile' offers an impressive glimpse into the creative partnership of Tom and Nolen, letting both artists shine and infusing the track with a relaxed confidence that endears it to listeners from the outset.

With 'California Smile' Tom continues to solidify his reputation as a prolific and versatile artist whose creative well shows no signs of running dry. Like a breath of fresh air, the song serves as a testament to his natural talent and unwavering passion for crafting music that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

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