UK duo Bad Sounds offer a gospel-infused mantra on 'Escaping From A Violent Time'

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UK-based brotherly duo Bad Sounds return with a brand new track, 'Escaping From A Violent Time', taken from the upcoming EP 'Escaping From a Violent Time, Vol. IV', the final instalment of their four-volume collection.

Following on from the recent singles, ‘One The Ropes’ and ‘Beggin’, 'Escaping From A Violent Time' continues the duos musical evolution and represents yet another left turn in the Bad Sounds catalogue, as the brothers proceed with an unwavering and honest sense of truth to their song-craft, providing an almost poetic synchronicity with the subject matter of this latest sonic instalment, and their approach to creating the song itself. It features all the trademark attributes that Bad Sounds fans have come to expect and delight in; full to the brim with personal anecdotes and bright, effervescent melodies.

Speaking of the single, the duo shared, "When it was originally conceived; the idea of ‘Escaping From A Violent Time’ felt like a much more metaphorical statement. Something that could be applied to how each person is battling through their day to day lives, seeking distraction over solutions. But clearly, we’re releasing the song at a time when the song can be interpreted in a much more literal way. Somehow this trend of writing something for one reason, and then it feeling entirely more relevant when it gets released seems to have been a theme throughout the releasing of this whole project. It makes us seem much cleverer than we are."

"This song has been through many different iterations in its journey to being finished. At one point it was a country song, and at another point it sounded like 'Sexual Healing' blended with 'Band On The Run'. Happy to say we saw the error of our ways with those versions and the final version feels like it should to me; like a kind of affirming soulful mantra. A lot of love went into this song and I think the whole EFAVT saga would be incomplete without it."

The band’s recent EP, 'Escaping From A Violent Time Vol. 3', released in April 2023, showcased Bad Sounds' inimitable brand of alternative-pop. Delivering a broad spectrum of music both sonically and lyrically, ensuring they will not be put in a box. The series of EPs represents the purest distillation of their artistry yet. The immediacy and verve of their early work is all present and correct, but so is a newfound sense of maturity and perspective, their slippery grooves and elastic choruses underwritten by more lyrical depth and instrumental nuance than ever before.

Fronted by Merrett brothers Ewan and Callum, Bad Sounds have grown and evolved since the moment they launched, rooted by their inseparable bond, through thick and thin. Today they both stand as self-taught producers and multi-instrumentalists, their early experiments on their dad’s old four-track cassette recorder the first steps along a path of creative flourishing that they’re still following. Their skills are not endlessly refined by institutional or classical tuition but honed on the job.

The release of their genre-splicing debut album ‘Get Better’ in 2018 was met with international success. Receiving acclaim and rave reviews from the likes of Clash, Guardian, MTV, NME, DIY and Dork.  Despite this, the band found themselves out of their major label deal and without any long-term plans to release music.

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