Ari Joshua shares a quirky, jazz-inspired new single with ‘Elephant Walk’

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Acclaimed guitarist, composer, and producer Ari Joshua unveiled his latest creation, ‘Elephant Walk’, a delightful journey into a world of vintage charm where a young elephant discovers the wonders of jazz and blues. This single boasts a stellar lineup of jazz luminaries, including John Medeski on electric organ and Billy Martin on drums, providing the foundation for a parallel universe of musical exploration.

From the very first notes, the track exudes a playful nostalgia, reminiscent of an elephant's gentle footsteps through the jungle. The percussion, accented with cowbell, introduces a polyrhythmic allure akin to the vibrant energy of New Orleans funk, infusing the piece with a lively sense of motion. Meanwhile, the piano gracefully dances with agile keystrokes, evoking images of raindrops cascading against the backdrop of a vintage cartoon jungle, further enriching the enchanting ambience of the composition.

Through the universal language of music, Joshua and his collaborators paint a vivid picture for listeners, crafting a narrative that unfolds with each note. Their meticulous attention to detail, coupled with the expert engineering, mastering, and mixing talents of Chris Bitnner, Ed Brooks, and Ari Raskin, respectively, ensures a polished and immersive sonic experience.

Elephant Walk’ is available on all major streaming platforms, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in its magical and charming simplicity. Like the creature it embodies, the song leaves a lasting impression, resonating deeply across genres, genders, and generations. It's the kind of instrumental piece that speaks to the soul, transcending boundaries and captivating listeners of all backgrounds.

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