VelvetNoise – ‘Number Ones’

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After a long silence, Péter Bársony-Németh grabbed the guitar to write songs during the 2020 quarantine, and then, collecting them into a bouquet, he recorded his first album with the help of producer Ambrus Tövisházi. Combining a diverse range of influences with stark, familiar life situations, Péter has unleashed a unique musical project, along with a stellar debut single.

A liberated, richly orchestrated and wonderfully refreshing musical journey, VelvetNoise’s debut single is an engaging inner monologue of urban anxiety. Titled ‘Number Ones’ it’s the first single and the debut of VelvetNoise, and it doesn’t disappoint, combining sharp beats and electronic flourishes with meditations on love, disappointment, and abandonment.

Wrapped in an electro-blues sound that shines with sarcastic self-reflection, ‘Number Ones’ is a modern epic, one that draws the listener in and constantly pushes them forward. As Péter explained, “tasting everything is just tasting nothing, ourselves can be the number one.”

Alongside the release of the single, VelvetNoise has also shared the seminal new music video which presents the melancholy of an imagined night wandering in Budapest. This is the never-ending ‘‘I don’t want to go home’’ experience of a night high meeting the anger, disappointment and the metropolitan loneliness of the lost individual. Attila Pluhár’s second clip directing is a clear, puritanical visual solution filmed in the lesser-known locations of the timeless city.

VelvetNoise’s debut album ‘MindfulMess’ will be available early next year and is set to build on the power of ‘Number Ones’ perfectly. In the meantime, Péter is preparing with his band for live performances in the Spring.

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