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In Earnest – ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’

  • 2 min read

Just a few weeks ago, In Earnest, the effortlessly impressive band that is built on the talents of Sarah Holburn, Tom Eatherton, and Toby Shaer took to the stage and released their seminal EP, ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’. A gorgeous release that saw the Southend-on-Sea trio well and truly in their element, the EP arrived as a cyclical piece of music, with each song transitions seamlessly into the next, creating a whirlwind of honest, poetic sounds and fearless vulnerability.

Today, the band have taken another bold step in the journey of the EP, sharing a stellar short film that accompanies the new release perfectly. Planned over three months and shot over the course of six days, the film is a seamless, synchronised production, with both audio and video combining to become a flowing, uninterrupted process.

Speaking about the new film in their press release, the band explained, “Across the 22 minutes, viewers get to spend an entire day with us, journeying around our hometown whilst experiencing the highs, lows and the various emotions represented in each song. It was mostly a DIY project, created on a shoestring budget with just a small team, including our videographer friend Rob Humm (Soundcastle).”

You can view the full film below via YouTube, and make sure you check out our full review of the new EP, where we called the new record “one of the bravest and most life-affirming releases of the year so far.”

For more from the talented Irish band, make sure you follow In Earnest on their social media pages below or find them on Spotify where you can explore their full musical catalogue.

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