Venice Qin - 'Somebody New'

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Hailing from Auckland, Aotearoa and now living in Sydney, Venice Qin is the vibrant, charming, quirky, sugary popstar the world needs right now. After making a sweet, undeniable mark with her debut single 'Asshole' a few months ago, Venice is back with another funny and relatable pop single 'Somebody New'.

A dance-party celebration of confidence and individuality, 'Somebody New' sees Venice continuing to create an exciting and wonderfully vibrant era. Speaking about the new single, Venice explained, “I wrote it during a time where my friends and I were being treated so carelessly by people in our lives. ‘Somebody New’ reminds us that we are all drop-dead gorgeous, fabulous and irreplaceable. I’m incredibly proud of this track, and I hope that it makes you flick your hair, lower your sunglasses, look back at your ex and say “you won’t find me in somebody new!”

The accompanying music video for ‘Somebody New’, filmed in Lake Tyrell, Victoria visually reflects the lush hyper-pop sonics of the track and helps tell the story of an empowered, independent, fabulous young woman realising her worth.

Venice is an incredibly creative human, expressing this through her music, striking style and social media content, including her series Udon Updates.

Venice’s interest in music started with singing the songs of Disney princesses, developed into a love for musical theatre thanks to the powerhouse franchise High School Musical, and now emanates in her bespoke pop sound. She is a classically trained across different practices and strives to bring refined musical sensibility and unique perspective to that pop sound. As a proud Chinese woman, Venice is a symbol of modern society in Australia today.

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