Alex Winters – ‘Hearts on Fire’

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Underneath Alex Winters' high-shimmer vocals and lithe guitar melodies lie evocative tales of dreamers and risk-takers sung by an artist unafraid to peer into the dark while making her way into the light.

Luna Guitars quite rightly bestowed Alex with their ‘Shining Star’ award in 2011, and 360 Magazine have praised her vocals as "seamless" and her compositions as "effortless", marking her a talent on the very cusp of big things.

Whether performing solo, duo, or with a full band, Alex is able to bring a fun yet sophisticated ambience to her live performances. Her connection to her audience is very real and her stage presence natural and comfortable, creating an intoxicating show that few can resist. In 2019, Alex has continued to develop her unique solo repertoire, revelling in a vision that is still introspective and sensitive, yet equally strong, enigmatic and haunting. With her latest EP, ‘Black Roses’, Alex added an electric edge to her acoustic singer/songwriter persona, resulting in a more blunt sound akin to Evanescence and Grace Potter, with a touch of heart.

A seminal development of this transition, Alex has just released new single ‘Hearts on Fire’, complete with an official lyric video. With the video edited by JD Vazques and the song produced by Aaron Kemkaran of Studio 7, along with Alex herself, the new single is another step in her new collection of tracks, breaking the mould and marking the release of her forthcoming album, ‘Beauty and Blemishes'.

Set to have a distinct rock feel that adds new dimension to Alex’s heartfelt songs without alienating her long-time, ‘Beauty and Blemishes’ promises lavish melodies and introspective songs, forging a rich and personal sound. Built upon her own stories of heartbreak, inner turmoil, and life's complications, the new record will showcase the perspective of a woman with more edge, a dreamer who has walked a few more miles down her own road.

Listen to the new single above alongside its official lyric video.

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