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Love Ghost – ‘Dead Brother’

  • 2 min read

One of LA’s brightest new bands, Love Ghost have been carving their own raucous path through the modern grunge scene for a fear years now, earning fans and acclaim wherever they lay their heads. After their last single ‘Let It All Burn’ became an instant hit on Spotify’s official ‘New Noise’ playlists, Apple Music’s official ‘Breaking Hard Rock’ and ‘Fresh Blood’ playlists, among many others, Love Ghost have wasted no time in keeping the momentum going, releasing a brand new single right when we needed it most.

Titled ‘Dead Brother’, the new single sees Finnegan Bell, Ryan Stevens, Samson Young, Nicky Renard and Cory Batchler continuing their post-grunge aural assault, setting the stage for the upcoming new album. Produced by the legendary Danny Saber, the new track is a dark, haunting and wonderfully atmospheric piece with a visceral new video to match. Directed by Rob Zombie actor Jeff Daniel Philips, and shot by Rob Zombie camera operator Hassan Abdul-Wahid, the video and single were inspired by a dream that frontman Finnegan Bell had one late night.

Finnegan explained, "This song came to me in a disturbing dream. In the dream, I had a twin brother. He was confident, charismatic and everyone loved him. There was a dinner party at my childhood home which was filled with strange characters. My brother and I were left alone at the table for a time, and I murdered him. It was violent and haunting, and at the end of the dream, I became him. The dream was something I could not stop thinking about- so we turned it into this song."

Catch the new single and video in full above, and be sure to follow Love Ghost on their social pages below to catch all the latest news and releases.

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