Coffee Talk – ‘Reflections’

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A modern pop-punk outfit with a penchant for emotive melodies and hardcore energy, Coffee Talk have begun their aural assault with the release of their new music video for ‘Reflections’. A brash and brilliant single that carries with it an unforgettable rock-heavy sound, it’s a pitch-perfect precursor to their upcoming five-track EP.

Born in the creative heart of Leipzig, Germany, Coffee Talk have risen to become one of Europe’s most hotly anticipated pop-punk bands, earning their stripes and breaking down boundaries with their powerful, yet polished sound. Influenced by the likes of Moose Blood, Jimmy Eat World, Knuckle Puck, and Taking Back Sunday, the band have recently made their mark with the release of ‘Reflections’, a massive debut single that is purpose-built to impress and entertain.

With slick production and an indelible punk energy, ‘Reflections’ is easily one of the most professional releases to come out of 2020 so far, putting the band firmly on the global stage. Spiked with a massive breakdown and clean musical space, the single transcends your traditional, scrappy pop-punk release and hits like a breath of fresh air.

Backed by a stunning music video that perfectly matched the sound and style of the song, ‘Reflections’ is a perfect introduction to Coffee Talk, earmarking them as one of 2020’s biggest breakthrough bands.

Available to stream now on all major platforms, ‘Reflections’ is a powerful indication of what we can expect when the Coffee Talk’s debut EP drops later this year.

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