YB Linkz – ‘Green’

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A Brooklyn native with massive potential, YB Linkz has been delivering straight shots of New York rap for years now, capitalising on the breakthrough momentum of debut single ‘On the Road’. Now, he’s pushing the boundaries and building a legacy with his latest collaborative single, ‘Green’.

Featuring the local talents of Swelly OD, ‘Green’ is a single that puts Linkz on the map, carving up the independent scene with a viral hit that demands to be heard. Delivered in the same vein as artists like the late Tory Lanez, the new single is commercial, yet still fiercely independent, delivering a melodic hip-hop sound that will fit perfectly into any playlist.

Produced and engineered by Audio Porn LLC, and released on Yanky Boi Records, ‘Green’ is a weed-smoking anthem that brilliantly blends a multitude of genres and styles, setting the stage perfectly for Linkz and Swelly OD to make their mark. Available now on most major streaming platforms, the new single is a perfect illustration of both artists’ talents.

Alongside the new single’s release, Linkz has also shared an animated music video for the track, which premiered on YouTube earlier this month. In recent years, Linkz’s profile has risen dramatically, making him a sought-after collaborator, known for his ability to elevate any track with his undeniable charisma.

A phenom of east-coast hip-hop, Linkz blends gritty New York storytelling with breezy Caribbean vibes to create his signature sound. Now, after years spent refining his craft for years, he is emerging with some of the most compelling tracks of the year as he positions himself for a major International breakthrough.

With a growing legion of fans, a diverse discography, and a steady stream of new content expected for this year and beyond, YB Linkz is set to leave a lasting legacy in the world of hip-hop outside of just New York. Stay tuned to see what YB Linkz has in store in the near future with surprise we'll known features, and announcements of who is to join Yanky Boi Records.

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