Zachary Leo - 'Can't Get Enough'

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Delivering a deliciously groovy disco funk anthem filled with modern pop vibes, Melourne artist Zachary Leo has stepped bolding into the spotlight with new single ‘Can’t Get Enough’.

In a similar vein to super groovers like Supathick, Parcels, Frank Moody and Two Another, Zachary Leo carves his own unique sound into the Australian music arena. Not just an avid crafter of sumptuous soundscapes and decadent melodies, Zachary provides substance beneath the glistening surface as he tackles complex, and often personal, issues with his lyrics.

Since initiating the solo project in 2019, Zachary has worked with esteemed engineers and producers in Guus Hoevenaars, and on his latest string of releases Alex Markwell. For the new song, Zachary is tapping into this utterly captivating funk-tinged base, yet firmly remaining planted in the contemporary, setting himself up well for a blossoming future. It’s clear that he has his finger directly on the pulse of the discerning Aussie ear.

Speaking about the new single, he explained, “I like to think of my music as a vintage sound with a modern pop structure, taking influence from genres like Funk/Soul/Rock & Pop. There is strong emphasis on melody and groove as well as lots of wah guitar, driving bass lines and airy synths.”

“The song speaks about being addicted to something that isn’t good for you and constantly wanting to distance yourself from reality, something that I found myself doing a lot over the past few years. A lot of my music tends to relate to what is going on inside my head, whether that be happy feelings or feelings of sadness. There are also frequent links to mental health which is something I feel very passionate about sharing with the world, so that hopefully others can feel they aren't alone in their struggles.”

The accompanying video is an ode to a summer past gone. Sepia tinge, bold colours, vintage paraphernalia and a skating girl loops and weaves throughout the frames, mimicking the unctuous grooves of the backing track. 

Zachary added, “We shot the video at a number of beaches including St Kilda, Cape Schanck and Shorearm. The video depicts a man struggling to deal with his love for the girl on the rollerskates, but deep down what he is really dealing with is his addiction to material possessions that are distorting his reality, this is shown through the television and the lamp that are flashed throughout the video.”

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