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Saint Raymond - We Forgot We Were Dreaming

It’s been five years since Saint Raymond hit the Top 10 with his debut ‘Young Blood’, but the singer-songwriter hasn’t stood still. He’s been constantly refining his sound, experimenting with new ideas and picking up millions of streams for the EPs ‘A Light That Blinds’ and ‘3’.

That spell of evolution and self-discovery comes to a head with the news that Saint Raymond will release his long-awaited second album ‘We Forgot We Were Dreaming’ on April 16th.

"The album is generally about relationships - whether that be friendships or love interests. It encompasses things I have picked up from around me seeing people falling in and out of love ... It’s also about the relationship we all have with ourselves and in our own minds. There are a few songs on ’We Forgot We Were Dreaming’ that are about mental health and my relationship with that." - Saint Raymond

Pressed on orange vinyl and with a limited edition and hand-signed art print, it's set to be one of the biggest albums of 2021. 


  1. We Forgot We Were Dreaming
  2. Right Way Round
  3. Love This Way
  4. Talk
  5. Alright
  6. Wide Eyed Blind
  7. Solid Gold
  8. Soft Landing
  9. Gone By Morning
  10. Killer
  11. Only You
  12. Amsterdam